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Guiding others toward a life of balance, confidence, and strength so they can be the absolute best version of themselves in every sense of the way

The methods I implement are simple, scientifically-proven, and effective because they eliminate the impossible. No gimmicks, fads, or quick fixes here.  Reaching one’s highest potential means empowering one’s self with the tools, habits, and beliefs to show what IS possible.

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Michelle K.

“I am approaching the one-year anniversary of online training and am very pleased with my results thus far. Brittany has taught me the difference between working out and training. She has taught me that real results take time and consistency to attain. I highly recommend Brittany’s online training.”

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Instantly Add to Your Deadlift with These 3 Quick Fixes

Instantly Add to Your Deadlift with These 3 Quick Fixes

Every lifter will experience a “plateau” at some point in their lifting career often due to the fact that strength is not accumulated in a direct, linear fashion. However, a plateau isn't always due to this fact; sometimes it is the result of inefficient movement...

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Legs for Days: Lower Body Supersets

Legs for Days: Lower Body Supersets

“What's your secret to those legs?” Over the years (well, decades if we’re being honest) I’ve been asked this question numerous times and the answer is consistently the same: “Lower Body Supersets”. A great set of legs takes dedicated effort, consistency, and time,...

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