Client Testimonials

Katie B.

Brittany has developed one aspect in me that has completely changed my life and that is confidence. I came to her as a beginner and she gave me the coaching and advice to grow in more ways than one. A good coach can show you how to become strong, but a great coach can teach you how to become mentally and physically strong. That is exactly what Brittany has done for me.

Jackie M.

Brittany is a phenomenal trainer, in about 2 months, I was able to attain new personal records in the gym. Most importantly though, the confidence I have is exponentially higher. She truly shows she cares about her clients and pushes them to be the best version of themselves.

Adam B.

Brittany took her time to understand what I needed as an individual which I haven’t had a lot of professional training coaches do. She wanted to make sure my program was something that worked for me and that I had buy in first which has made all the difference. She’s a master at motivating and helps build confidence which means more than getting in shape ever could.

Katrina L.

Brittany’s online training is awesome. Not only do you get a program set up based off YOUR main focus areas, you also get trainer feedback and expertise. She is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns. She motivates you, encourages you and loves to challenge you!

Karry Z.

Brittany is a straight-forward and honest coach. She is dedicated to helping her clients create and achieve their goals. I am comfortable talking to her about any issue that comes up and I know she will make the best decisions regarding my fitness and health!


Kelsey C.

Meeting Brittany was a huge turning point in my fitness journey. During my time with her I noticed a major shift in how I viewed myself and my health. Before training with Brittany, I was very into low carb dieting and running up to 6 miles daily. During this time I lost a significant amount of weight; but I wasn’t happy (and neither was my body). I knew at this point I needed a change as this type of training (and living) was not going to be sustainable for the rest of my life. Brittany helped educate me on the importance and safety of strength training and allowed me to find balance and happiness.

I’ve never been one to view exercise or training as a chore or punishment. I actually love my time in the gym, but after training with Brittany I view training and myself in a whole new light. I now look at training as a personal time to work on bettering myself and becoming the strongest version of myself. Brittany has provided structure and effectiveness to my workouts so that I don’t have to think, but rather just do. The most valuable thing I have gained from working with her is the unconditional support and reassurance; especially during times where I seem to doubt myself and my abilities. She has guided me and many of her clients in strength training and living their best and healthiest lives possible. Working out is no longer something I have to do, but it’s something I love and am able to do; all thanks to Brittany.


Adam C.

Brittany’s fitness programming is simple, flexible, and highly effective. Her programs take the guesswork out of training, eliminating the risk of overthinking while also creating accountability to get it done. I began training with Brittany in December of 2019 after years of training in various martial arts left me injury prone and with significant strength imbalances. My goals were to increase my durability and correct those strength imbalances. The program Brittany created took my limitations in terms of injuries and equipment into account so it was completely customized to me and my goals. Having her do the programming for me eliminated the opportunity for me to overthink and over-plan, something I struggled with in the past. Having her coach me 100% online means I could complete each workout on my own schedule which meant I was able to stay consistent and on track. Brittany’s knowledge of strength training and barbell work is above average as she is able to provide corrections and catch details one may miss if trying to complete on their own. I am convinced that I would not be able to train at the level I am at without Brittany’s strength training program and coaching.


Michelle K.

After 20+ years of working out in a variety of formats, I wanted to focus on strength training and modify my diet to complement that goal.  I had used Brittany’s program, Quad Damn, in the past and was pleased with the programming, results, and support I received from her.  I contacted Brittany and, after an initial consultation, decided to do online training. 

New to online training, I had many reservations:  Would I understand the programming?  Would I be able to follow?  Would I feel supported?  The answer to all of these questions is a resounding ‘yes’.  The online training platform that Brittany uses is easy to navigate.  The programming Brittany provides is clear in direction.  The accompanying instructional videos come in handy.  Brittany was quick to respond to any questions I had.  Perhaps the greatest benefit of online training is the flexibility that it provides.  I planned my workouts around my own schedule without having to worry about fitting into a trainer’s limited time slots.  There were plenty of days where I had planned on getting my training done immediately after work and, well, stuff came up.  If my training had been in person, something would have to give: either work or my training for the day.  Online training allowed me to take care of my professional responsibilities and complete my workouts without skipping a beat. 

I am approaching the one-year anniversary of online training and am very pleased with my results thus far.  Brittany has taught me the difference between working out and training.  She has taught me that real results take time and consistency to attain.  I highly recommend Brittany’s online training.  Don’t hesitate to let her help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals.  


Elizabeth W.

I started working with Brittany in August 2020 after eating and drinking my way through the initial Covid-19 lockdown and the months that followed. I had gained weight, fallen away from working out, and I knew I needed help for my mental and physical state. I had trained with other trainers in the past both online and in person, and while I had a decent knowledge of macros and strength training, I needed a plan of action and a different approach. Brittany listened to my past experiences and identified what did and did not work for me. Brittany created a weekly strength training plan specifically tailored to me. I train with Brittany in person two days each week, and two other days I train on my own using a coaching app where Brittany loads all of my workouts. The workouts tell me the amount of weight to use, the number of reps to complete, and videos are provided demonstrating each exercise if I need them. The app makes everything so easy to track and plan. It was clear the first day I worked with Brittany that she is very knowledgeable and experienced with strength training. During the months we have trained together, Brittany has given me tips for proper form and mechanics suggestions that improved my lifts. With her direction and coaching over the last four months, I have increased weight in the three major lifts that were the focus of my plan. I am lifting heavier now than I ever have. Brittany has taught me not to be afraid of lifting heavy, and that I am stronger than I think! Along with my training plan, Brittany developed a nutrition plan. Nutrition and macro tracking have always been a struggle for me, and I appreciated that rather than jumping in right away with macro tracking, Brittany started me on a nutrition plan that focused on building a balanced and nutritious plate at each meal and created a daily accountability check in through the app she uses for her clients. This started me moving in the right direction and allowed me to be successful instead of leaving me feeling aggravated and overwhelmed. A few months later, when Brittany knew I was mentally ready to take the next step, we moved into macro tracking. With all of that said, the most valuable part of my training with Brittany is the relationship we have built. She is always available to answer my questions and offer support in any way she can to help me reach my goals. When I was struggling to hit my macros, she shifted our approach which worked much better for me. She encourages me and has taught me to celebrate the “everyday wins.” She pushes me to think about my habits and set goals. And, we laugh- because at the end of the day, you have to enjoy the fitness journey you are on and surround yourself with people—like Brittany– who understand training and working towards fitness and nutrition goals can be both challenging and fun.”

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