How many times have you thought to yourself, “man there has got to be something more?” No, not more in the traditional sense of money, freedom, and anything else typically associated with the adjective. Rather, something more in the sense one could be and DO more. That one’s time spent on this Earth could be enriched with something more, but more so, one’s infinite potential is reached.

Something  “more” may be a calling, an idea, perhaps a purpose left unsaid, unreached, or worse, unsupported.

One of the biggest regrets of those in their final stages of life always comes to this notion.

A story around the desire to “do or be something more”.

There will be a time in many people’s life where this question is asked and one must go within to answer. Some will deep dive into that experience to unravel the answers that lay within. Some will ignore the thoughts and internal desire as “nonsense” and stay asleep the remaining days in this lifetime. Then, where most may find themselves, is the middle-ground. The place many stay because the shackles of fear, doubt, and guilt handcuff them year after year.

The middle ground is a dangerous place. One can go left or right. In or out. With one decision a butterfly effect is released. 

So many stay frozen because they don’t know what truly lies within.

What if I told you there was a way one could SEE and KNOW what that potential is within?

What if I told you there was a method to TRAIN this potential?

What if I told you everything about FITNESS is extends beyond weight loss and longevity?

What if I told you the journey of fitness is the exact mirror to which self discovery can happen to those who wish to look.

Although the narrative of each is different, the journey of fitness much like the journey of life contains the same elements.





And the most powerful? The elements of evolution, endurance, and reincarnation. 

When we step away from the “30 Day Challenges” and put our detox tea down for a second and accept our fitness journey as a way to TRAIN for this process of self-discovery and birth of what truly lies within we can see every piece of that journey assists us in the process.

Training day in and day out will teach the power of perseverance and illuminate the faith and trust in the journey and themselves.

There will be a point in most people’s fitness journey where they will wrestle with doubt in their mind. They will not know if the physical task at hand is possible, let alone if they possess the strength to do so. These are the moments when the mirror shines bright and reflects the true power of what lies within..

The arduous journey of fitness is the ultimate test of will, courage, and the ability to go to that icy tundra and search for more.

When we can see the parallels between these journeys we can adopt a life altering shift in perspective. A perspective that shows, teaches, and trains us for something more.